Bertazzoni Australia – A Brand Story

Every once in a while we have the pleasure of working with a very special brand with a very special story. What makes these ‘unicorn’ brands so special is when they also come with an incredible team of inspired visionaries. And what makes these inspired visionaries even more special is that they are also beautiful, friendly humans. And when these ‘once in a whiles’ happen… Magic happens too…

What do you get when you put a savvy PR mind, a passionate manager and a creative Event Designer in a room together? A great party, that’s what!
Party in Casa Bertazzoni Melbourne
Legend and GM of Bertazzoni Australia George Alikakos chatting with Chef Paul West of ‘River Cottage Australia’. Yup, it was a celeb fest thanks to Lahra Carey PR!
Throughout the process of creating this event we all became brand worshippers of Bertazzoni. So enamoured are we by this brand that I feel a small history lesson is needed.
The place is Guastalla in Italy’s Po Valley. Here generations of one family have brought together the regions marvellous engineering expertise to create a name known around the world for excellence and character. The name is Bertazzoni.
guastalla map
You can see the location of Guastalla right in the middle here on this olde mappe 🙂 I want to go there now.
Back in the 19th century Francesco Bertazzoni made precision weighing machines for the local cheese-makers in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. Observing trains arriving in Guastalla, Italy, from Germany, he noticed they were heated by a new type of wood-burning stove – used to cooked for the train crew as well as heating the carriages. This innovation appealed to his entrepreneurial instincts and his love of food, family and engineering. His approach has been passed down through six Bertazzoni generations and remains at the heart of what they do today.
bertazzoni ad
Cool advertising illustrations of Francescos early designs. Chic aesthetics from the get-go!


Known for design and cutting-edge engineering, Bertazzoni’s product portfolio now includes range cookers, hobs, ovens and extractor hoods. Today the company has 250 employees and manufacturers 200,000 units annually.
Bertazzoni has recently arrived officially in Melbourne and set up shop in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. In order to celebrate the occasion, JAK teamed up with Lahra Carey Media & Communications and worked closely with Bertazzoni Australia’s General Manager to create a party to mark the occasion.
Before designing, we took a deep dive into the Bertazzoni brand to better understand their values and aesthetic. In addition to this, understanding the objectives for the event from a PR perspective was also key.
This was an intimate gathering of 40 people, all very well respected in media, food, travel and lifestyle. It was essential to us that the brand was reflected in a sensory way so that Bertazzoni was present as an experience, not only as a beautiful product in a showroom. Our objective was to imbue everything we designed into the space with a sense of ‘quality’, Italian style and attention to detail.
GM of Lahra Carey Media & Communications Kathryn Elliot talks to us further about the event:
JAK: Can you describe your vision for the Bertazzoni Australia brand launch event in 3 words? Okay, more that 3 words 🙂
KE: An exclusive and intimate event for media and key stakeholders hosted by Valentina and Nicola Bertazzoni that communicated the brand’s Italian heritage and style as well as showcasing the high quality and design of the Bertazzoni appliances.
What event components are most important for you to profile when presenting at brand in a live event?
KE: The event needs to genuinely resonate with the values of the brand across all touchpoints – atmosphere, food/drink, styling, guests, music – all components need to work together to create a unique experience for the brand.
What are the advantages of using an event design agency to activate live events from a PR perspective?
KE: Our expertise is in PR/media so working with experts in events and design to help deliver our vision for the brand is a collaboration that produces the best creative result for our clients.
What inspired you decide to engage with an event design agency to activate the Bertazzoni Showroom and Brand Launch from a PR perspective?
KE: From past experience I knew that JAK would be the perfect partner for this event. Kerryn and her team listened and responded to the brief with enthusiasm and understood the vision our client and the Bertazzoni family had for the launch.
How do you know if a live event has been successful from a PR perspective?
KE: This depends on the clients’ objectives for the event. But in this case it was the overall experience that the guests/Bertazzoni family had at the event, media engagement and stories from the event and the relationship building that an event like this can initiate on behalf of the brand.
Crafted and curated to become a symphony for the senses, (really just a bloody nice space to hang out and be inspired by great design in appliances)! JAK focused on the following components as the key communication points to compliment and support the Bertazzoni brand.
‘To Cook Beautifully’ is the Bertazzoni mantra as well as their hashtag #tocookbeautifully,  so the food had to be exceptional. Cue Ed Dixon Food Design!
EDFD understood our passion for this event as well as the historical importance of the reggiano cheese and the recipes asssociated with the family. They curated a delight for the eyes, nose and tastebuds with an extravagant Italian inspired food station that was as stunning as it was delicious. The photos really say it all



Our incredible friends at Style By Nature were the creators of the floral hanging gardens that adorned the showroom. Their design was cleverly crafted to fill the space with a sense of luxury and organic beauty, as well as allowing guests to move freely through the small space. Some of the flowers were even painted by hand to imitate the metallic finishes of the Bertazzoni range. So divine!



Furniture was selected to match the drama of the showroom in dark hues and metallic accents. Again the communication needed to reinforce a feeling of luxury and a sense of ‘arrival’. This was amplified with a black carpet entrance as well as brass bollards with black rope.


Allegro Black recommended Joey Cirillo for the perfect blend of live background music with a touch of ‘cool’. And perfect he was. It’s a hard balance to strike in a small space with lots of people and a specific look and feel to deliver on, but deliver he did and we were thrilled!
With events of this nature we are sad it is over and hoping that another event like this comes our way soon. In the meantime, remember #tocookbeautifully
The amazing team:
Event Design by JAK Creative & Events
Food & Bev by Ed Dixon Food Design
Floral Design by Style by Nature
Furniture and glassware by Place Settings for Hire
Entertainment by Allegro Black
Lights by Select AV
Brand Championing by George Alikakos (General Manager Bertazzoni Australia)

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