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On Monday 27th August we joined the ‘Plus Lounge’ for the Conversion Management Conversion Plus Sales Summit.
We whipped ourselves up a Pop-Up exhibition stand with an interactive flavour and headed to the Sofitel on Collins for an amazing day of inspiring attendees and incredible speakers and content.
In this article I want to talk about the design of our stand and it’s outcomes.

It was a real honour spending the day with such a talented and driven group of event industry peeps. Even better, we got to catch up with some of our favourite JAK colleagues and friends. It seems we’re all so busy at this time of the year that we don’t get to kick up our heels and talk shop over a champers as often as we’d like to. JAK Creative & Events were invited to the event as an ‘Interactive Partner’ which meant we could both present our brand to the attendees as well as immerse ourselves in the content and program for the day.
The title and brand of our live polling project
We really wanted to find a way that was fun and easy to interact with the attendees during the break times and I find it’s always a bit of a challenge with exhibition stands. You need to get some bang for your buck for investing the time and money to be involved. You want to make the most of what is a pretty targeted audience. And most importantly you want to feel comfortable doing it! This is not always easy, walking the fine line between engaging with your audience and not hanging off in the background. You want to interact without being weird and pushy and you also want it to be enjoyable for them and you.
Formation of the 3D info graphic
Fortunately for us, this is the kind of thing we think about a lot. Not always in this context, but always around designing spaces that are appropriate to the desired outcomes of ourselves and our clients. Do you know what though? It’s still hard! Mainly because we are dedicated to such a great outcome and care so much about the details.
The following points were the important aspects we needed the design to cover:
  • It must be interactive
  • It needs to add value to the participant
  • It needs to add value to JAK
  • It needs to educate attendees
  • It needs to add to our database
  • It needs to generate some leads
  • It needs to create a natural, non-intrusive follow up after the event
  • It needs to be social media friendly
  • It needs to fun, on-brand and aesthetically pleasing
  • It needs to be relevant and appropriate to the space and the demographic
Seems like a tall order, but once you get the ideas flowing, the process becomes fun and creative in a positively challenging way. And so was born the Info Graphic Art Installation / Crafternoon! We named this creation ‘My Favourite Elements of Design’.
The idea was to create a live poll that allowed attendees to add value to JAK Creative and the Summit by contributing in an easy and engaging way. By creating a stand that fostered contribution and collaboration we were able to teach attendees more about what we do. It also provided insights by delivering a 3D info graphic to represent the collective opinions in the room. It was fun, it was simple to operate and created a natural exchange between JAK and the attendees.
Mosaic of paper tiles telling their story in colour
With some colour coded swing tags, branding, flowers and information we were able to hit all the markers of our brief, both as an ROI for JAK Creative and also as a contributor to the Summit and attendees. It was loads of fun and generated some really fascinating conversations and we learned heaps about the people we do business with.
Super gorgeous blooms for our stand from the exceptionally talented Style By Nature
We asked each attendee what their ‘favourite element of event design’ was out of the following specialties:
  • Brand
  • Floral
  • Feature
  • Lighting
  • Interactive
Attendees would then tie the swing tag with the name of their favourite element to our interactive wall to allow the 3D info graphic to take shape. The result was a gorgeous mosaic of paper tiles which told a story in colour.
The results of our interactive live poll as chosen by the people were as follows:
First Place was a tie between ‘Interactive’ and ‘Floral’
Second Place went to ‘Brand’
Third Place went to ‘Feature’
Fourth Place went to ‘Lighting’
Over the coming weeks, each element of our Info Graphic Art Installation/Crafternoon will become a separate blog post so we can dive deeper into each of these JAK Creative specialties. We will post these in their ranked order of importance as chosen by the attendees of the Conversion Management Conversion Plus Summit.

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