Viva La Evolution!

We have news!

If you are on our EDM database you might already know, but we’ve been hiding a secret… Until now.

Yes, we have launched an actual product. In 2020 we figured that ‘Live’ events would return someday and we had better have a think about how to make the necessary things much, much nicer… Beautiful even! Also, we didn’t want to miss out on the whole ‘pivoting’ thing 😁 

Welcome to the JAK Safety Evolution!

We have long been proud of our reputation for dependability and exceptional customer experiences. Taking the stress out of event design is what we do best. Safety has become a focus in new ways and continues to be a focus for our event designs. There are many considerations to be taken into account in this ever-changing world, and making this world a little more attractive is where JAK helps best.

Our unique sanitising stations will help you make an exceptional first impression at your next event. Conceptualised to keep your event stylish, well-branded, AND meeting safety requirements, these stations are the latest addition to JAK’s event design services.

These stations are PERFECT for corporate events, getting your brand front and centre, as well as acknowledging sponsors. All of these things are incredibly important to our clients and we are delighted to have designed a practical and essential item to effortlessly deliver on these key needs.

And guess what else? We have even TASTE TESTED the sanitising gels and only stock sanitiser with zero residual taste. That’s how committed we are! I can tell you from experience that I tasted a rice paper roll after I sanitised my hands once… It was effing disgusting and ruined the food completely. We have vowed this will NEVER happen on JAK’s watch. Not when we work with so much beautiful food.

We have a flagship range of stations available for hire which we add our JAK Creative touch to. Whatever it needs from cladding, branding, decaling and propping, we incorporate. Just like all the other details for your events!

The JAK Safety Evolution is an extension of all that we currently provide to make your events amazing. Perfect cohesion in aesthetics is the key. Why put an ugly, sterile looking sanitising station at the entrance of your function when it can blend seamlessly with your invitations, event brand, bar signage and room decor?

Check out this inspiration below for examples of graphics and styling that can be used to make the sanitising experience more integrated with your event design.

If you are in the business of planning or managing events sanitising stations are now an essential part of your Events Tool Kit. Add our units to your larger event design for the ultimate guest experience. Each station can be designed to incorporate:

  • Props
  • Branding and logos
  • Safety graphics and signage
  • Custom QR Codes for checking in
  • Custom distancing floor decals
  • Floral and botanical accenting
  • Custom-built surrounds

Let our imaginations and creativity run wild for your next event and get excited about making safety ‘spectacular’!

JAK's Super Awesome PDF is on its way…

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