Sustainability Journey (The story of a cardboard tube)

It began with a request and ended with…well it hasn’t ended yet 🙂 This is the story of sustainable design and giving back, repurposing and the joy of seeing things live on in new and wonderful and creative ways.

Earlier this year we were given a brief to produce a high concept and highly sustainable event design for the packaging industry. This brief really encouraged us to look inward to our own sustainability practices and inspired some new thinking. This brief spurred us to strive even further with our designs and our approach to contributing to a more sustainable industry.

This story is less about what we created and how fabulous it was (which it was!), and more about the life of the design beyond the event.

Gary Daly, Managing Director for Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) spoke about the vision for this event in an article for Exhibitions & Trade Fairs.

“We partnered with JAK Creative, a specialist design agency, to theme the Awards of Excellence Gala Ceremony, a proudly sustainable event. The entrance feature was created using recycled cardboard and the ‘red carpet’ was actually cleverly used bubble wrap that will be repurposed for future packaging needs. Other elements, such as cardboard tubing and boxes, were donated to a local child-care centre and primary school allowing children to create some fantastically imaginative environments. “Hire plants and greenery used in the entrance feature were returned to the nursery or planted. Just as special as donating the cardboard to children, the table decorations left behind were given to a local nursing home for the residents to enjoy. Any other styling components from around the room that weren’t hired will be re-used for further ETF events.

Page 4
JAK’s inspiration for the ceiling feature
Page 5
JAK’s inspiration for the table styling
Page 7
JAK’s inspiration for the stage

What is even more inspiring, is the story of our cardboard tubes going on to live a new life beyond the child-care playground as giant crayons for an incredible charity event. These tubes were the primary material for a custom stage backdrop and were already sustainable as a new product made from 100% recycled card. These tubes just kept on being eco warriors!

EFT : AUSPACK Awards @ Sovereign Room MCEC 2019_Stage 07
Close up of the stage backdrop that began as 100% recycled tubes and transformed themselves (with a little help) into crayons.

Using our trusty social media channels, JAK Creative sent to word out to industry colleagues, post-event, offering the items that were too large to be easily re-used by local child-care centres. The call was answered by Damian Dejong from Action Events and long-time friend of JAK Creative, who saw the perfect solution in reimagining the tubes for the iconically Melbourne Eat Street charity event.

Transformation complete! In the offices of Action Events awaiting their Crayon debut!

This was Action Events 18th year supporting Eat Street (WOW!).  Action Event Services provides all the theming elements across the 3 rooms of The Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, the home of Eat Street, including restaurant stalls and signage.  Five truck loads of props & sets (including our cardboard tubes re-imagined as crayons) create this charity spectacular. So good!

It really is so inspiring to bring this level of commitment to our work for our clients and to work with clients who are committed to sustainability practices. Even more than that, being a part of an industry that thrives on networking and reciprocal business relationships is most rewarding of all.

AND we got free tickets to Eat Street! I’m still dreaming of some of those dishes!

About Eat Street –

50 of Melbourne’s top restaurants, winemakers and brewers provide hawker style food and drinks celebrating all that is quintessential to Melbourne.  This high-end foodie fundraiser is a chance to enjoy excellent food, wine and entertainment.

To raise money for various Children’s Charities, specifically to provide support, equipment and programs for both children and families who are disadvantaged by illness and disease.

Beneficiaries over the years have included Very Special Kids, OzChild, Red Kite, Australian Childhood Foundation and more recently Variety the Children’s Charity.

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids who are facing challenges with sickness, disadvantage or through living with a disability to reach their full potential and realise their dream. Variety’s work allows kids to gain mobility, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase their self-esteem. This was the fifth year in a row that Variety is the charity of choice for Eat Street Melbourne.

Things I discovered during the creation of this blog. Sofitels Monochromatic High Tea!

For Eco JAKspiration visit JAK’s Eco Interiors Pinterest Board

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