Magic and Mystery in Melbourne – Part 2

It is with heavy hearts we return to Muggle life this week. It’s time for us to hang up our cloaks and pop our wands away as we say farewell to the Mystic Chamber at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melbourne.

Thanks to TimeOut Melbourne for bestowing us with the title of ‘Full Blown Wizards’ in this article. We feel very humbled and magical indeed 🙂

The Mystic Chamber

JAK Creative delighted in this jewel toned transformation for DoubleTree by Hilton Melbourne – Flinders Street. Imagine booking tickets for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, then treating yourself to an overnight sensory experience in a hotel like this!
This was JAK’s first time casting spells on a hotel room, and I hope we get to do it again! The Mystic Chamber was designed for the Wizard in need of a luxury getaway, with lots of special touches.  Again, with the Mystic Chamber, social media was a key communication tool, and with the creative input from seriously stylish Insta peeps the result was spectacular! Below is a list of Magical Influencers and links to our favourite posts from the Mystic Chamber.
JAK provided the overall design for the room, building, sourcing and creating the components which brought our Inspiration Board to life. Some of our favourite details from the Mystic Chamber included the stained glass window treatment, adding so much colour and life to the room and framing the views over Flinders Street Station. We also loved creating our gorgeous repurposed side tables from vintage suitcases chair legs.
Mystic Chamber Mood Board
Our original Inspiration Board for the Mystic Chamber
The Marketing genius of Jacinta Young from Doubletree was the catalyst for the Mystic Chamber and the special touches guests got to experience at the hotel. The key to creating successful designs like these stems from the imaginations of our clients. Jacinta’s commitment to the vision and creative delivery of this project resulted in attracting a group of like-minded businesses who were equally committed to delivering an immersive and exciting environment. The incredible team at Muses of Mystery provided spectacular objects d’art (especially Lucille Ball the crystal ball!) as well as the fabulous sofa, chair, vintage books and bewitching sleep mist which put the magical finishing touches on everything. LOVE!


J001618_WizardsRoom@DoubleTree_Bedside 06
JAK created custom side tables for the Mystic Chamber from vintage suitcases and chair legs

Jewel Tones were the key to the colour palette


Below is a conversation I had recently with the fabulous Jacinta Young about creating this experience and the special touches that made it so memorable.
JAK: Can you describe how much pre-planning goes into a project like this? The journey from a spark of inspiration to the creation of the Mystic Chamber. 
JY: There is quite a lot. We always do these as a partnership so finding the right partner/s, and concepting the idea, and working to budget all takes time. We started this project with buy-in from another partner and this changed a month or two into the process so we had to then either stop the project or find another partner. We also had some challenges in dealing with the legal ramifications of our design, as our initial magical concept and idea veered into Harry Potter territory – since the show is in town. We definitely came up against a few hurdles and although we had many voices encouraging us to quit the project, we found amazing new partners, came up with an even better concept and continued to jump hurdles to make it happen. I’m proud that we backed ourselves and it was a good lesson to learn about determination and persevering when you believe in something.   
JAK: What were some of the special features guests were treated to as part of the Mystic Chamber experience? 
JY: We had a unique magical potion we called the ‘Flinders Quarter Aurora’. The ingredients were placed in the Mystic Chamber on a silver platter with crystal goblets and instructions on how to mix the test tubes with ingredients, to make the mystical drink. This was a cocktail invented by one of our senior bar staff who chose ingredients that would create a chemical reaction when combined so it would change color and also for their healing/health properties. Guests also indulged in the most wicked dessert, the ‘Fortune Tellers Fantasy’. This looked like a chocolate crystal ball, presented on a crystal platter surrounded by freeze dried berries. When you cracked the ball, the inside was filled with white chocolate mousse, toasted chocolate and a mouth filling surprise of chocolate popping candy!
JAK: Did you have a favourite social media post from a guest of the Mystic Chamber? 
JY: We had lots of fabulous stories and posts, what I really loved is that they all created their imagery and content in their own unique way, giving a really different perspective on the room. 
JAK: What in particular, what are you most proud of looking back over the past 3 months of people enjoying this space you created, from your inspired idea?
JY: We are lucky to have really wonderful feedback from all guests, but what stood out as much was how all our staff loved and embraced the concept and passed on this enthusiasm to guests, even just other curious guests in the hotel. It’s quite hard to get unanimous energy around something in such a diverse team, but this seemed to really bring everyone together.
JAK: Did you have a favourite part of JAK’s design for the Mystic Chamber? 
JY: I loved the whole concept, the wallpaper, stained glass windows and little details like the lift sign, and keyholes in the wardrobe, but the bedside tables they made out of suitcases were pretty outstanding!
JAK: What’s next for the creative minds at Doubletree by Hilton? Should we stay tuned for another themed room? 
JY: Potentially. They are always a fun way to let guests experience something out of the ordinary. For the near future we are focusing on our just-launched, Level 14, a bold new renovation and re-style of the boutique hotel’s spectacular top floor. With seven stunning new architecturally designed rooms, custom-made furnishings and stunning views across Melbourne skyline, they are a really unique new addition to the Melbourne hotel scene and we are excited to share these with guests to the city.

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