Getting Interactive

Interactive took out the crown as your Favourite Element of Design for our JAK Creative Info Graphic Art Installation/Crafternoon! No surprises here! We have been living and breathing this as an idea both conceptually and physically for quite some time. And we absolutely love creating spaces that perform this task. It’s a ‘design win’ to create a space that engages people effectively.

See our previous article on the creation of this interactive live polling pop-up here. Now let’s dive a little deeper into what Interactivity means in the live event space.


Break out spaces and designed activities

I really feel like we are just getting started with this. Everyone knows it’s important and everyone knows it’s not going away.

From full scale activations and immersive spaces to a lounge or break out area that simply brings people together, Interactive is ‘King’ for many reasons. It’s about changing the state of those who engage, and it doesn’t even need to be a big shift, just a shift that’s appropriate to the design and brand.

It’s a hot conversation for brands, advertising agencies, marketing companies and live events and it’s responsible for some of the biggest budgets we’ve seen in the industry to date. There is so much to be inspired by that has been imagined and produced already. Interactivity as a communication and engagement tool is really getting traction and recognition for its value as a ‘must have’ for successful events.  For this reason, I feel we are going to see plenty more amazing and inspired creations in the future. I’m excited!!!

JAK’s laneway design for the ‘The Game is The Game’ Adidas Sticke Tennis promo

Here is one of our personal favs. A creation we did for Adidas in one of our fabulous Melbourne Laneways. If you focus really hard you can catch a glimpse of Jane and I setting up the net in the video.

Search Instagram #brandactivation for a fabulous exploration of big and little ideas and well as big and little budgets all creating their own interpretation of what it is to be Interactive’. Careful though! It’s a bit of a rabbit hole 🙂 #immersiveexperience is also super fun… Looking at other peoples interpretations of these concepts can also take you outside of your own head and onto new lines of thought.

I followed up with the fabulous Sara Borowiak from INKA CREATIVE  after the Conversion Plus Sales Summit to ‘take 5’ with me about Interactivity. Inka Creative specialise in creating beautiful design, relevant brand stories plus killer events and PR campaigns for memorable customer experiences.

Sara’s business was also a huge part of the Conversion Plus Sales Summit. Being connoisseurs of brand and creativity I knew Sara would have some things to say about Interactivity.

KH: Sara, what makes something ‘Interactive’ in a live event space?

SB: Interactive is all about connection, making something memorable. And memorable happens when you use as many senses as possible to share a story or a message. Interactive is an experience designed for guests of an event that they can participate in rather than just observe.

KH: Do you have a favorite interactive creation/installation/activation concept (yours or someone else’s)?

SB: We love working with food and art, it always guarantees a great interactive experience! We’ve done everything from food demonstrations with crowd participants to interactive games and crafty experiences were people get to take away or have their creation judged. One of our fabulous Inka team members Elles this year loved the Nike x Broadsheet House of Go interactive installation and party- It was a super fun obstacle course to promote its new line of React running shoes where guests could pre-register for free and were treated to food, drinks and were able to test out the shoes on the obstacle course!

KH: Which brands do you think rock the activation space?

SB: Kids brands really allow their imaginations run wild which is fun to draw inspiration from.

Some thoughts and wisdom about using brand well to create interactive spaces from Sara…


  1. Keep it cohesive- Ensure the experience not only matches the event and the audience but that all elements work well together on site visually but also are in keeping with your brand. Keep it relevant and valuable!
  2. Make it immersive, remember those senses!
  3. Try and connect past the date of the interactive experience, work out ways to digitally keep in touch with your audience once they have left the event. Encourage social media use, gather email addresses (in a creative way!!) or give them a task to finish off at home.


  1. Only focus on what you want to get out of the brand activation, make it a valuable and memorable experience that your audience will genuinely enjoy!
  2. Do the same thing as everyone else
  3. Forget your personality! Make sure anyone managing the activation on the site has loads of personality and that they truly represent your brand’s identity.



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