International Chocolate Day 2020

To JAKspire me a little I decided to let my inspiration flow with a warm chocolate brownie covered in cream, paired with a Baileys infused coffee… #isobaking #isodrinking #isochocolate #isoyum

Favourite tiny bowl and favourite mug are essential for JAKspiration activities

We have the kind of business that requires a lot of photo taking. Working from home, I don’t have the same access to our photo archives as I do when I’m in the office. Finding specific photos takes longer than usual. My method for doing this starts with guessing the year and approximate month of the event I’m looking for, then scrolling through hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos in a sitting to find the image I’m after. Provided you have the time, it’s really fun!

Anyway, I was looking back over some of our photos of events of previous years and photos of the moments surrounding those events (I like to capture a LOT of moments). Not only did it make me feel very nostalgic, it also made me really want some chocolate… Like a lot! And I’ll tell you why.

We are lucky in our world of designing for events to work with lots of incredible people. People who are talented, people who are inspired, people who do amazing things. I wanted to celebrate our friends who are lovers and masters of chocolate and share with you some of the ways we have incorporated their cleverness into our designs! Both have a touch of Willy Wonka in their hearts.

The first business I would like to tell you about is Sisko Chocolate. If you haven’t heard of Sisko yet do yourself a favour and get onboard. We are talking about couverture chocolate re-imagined by the mind of an artist.

We have, over many years, collaborated on projects, allowing our combined imaginations to run wild with possibilities for delighting people in delicious ways. From centrepieces to edible walls. YES! Edible walls, we have created magic together.

The second business I want to talk about is Chocablock. They have SO many incredible, clever, thoughtful, and quirky items. My favourite thing they create, however, is a simple custom sleeved bar of Lindt Chocolate. They do a really spectacular job of branding chocolate with pretty much whatever you like! When they first introduced this product to their range, they sent us a box immediately. And we fell in love immediately. Since then we have incorporated these little gems into many designs and used them for our own promotions. They even created a Wonka Bar with a Golden Ticket inside! It’s cool AF.

These are so perfect for designing intimate dining experiences and place setting details. Imagine making a meal experience for your family at home and including these!?

#ISOTIP: We can still keep our businesses visible, front of mind, and making an impression with clients and potential clients while we are not able create physical events. Sending gifts that delight, big or small are really important right now and this is such a wonderful way to do it. Very Instagram-able too!

Have a very happy International Chocolate Day and make someone happy!

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