Magic and Mystery in Melbourne – Part 1

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in town, Melbourne has recently been transformed into a Magical City… And we love it! Wizard inspired events and spaces have been popping up everywhere which is great news for all of us in events 🙂

The Wizards Brunch

We were lucky enough to design an incredible ceiling installation for this years Wizard’s Brunch at the Melbourne Town Hall as our first big event for the year. The crew who put together this event are just incredible and know how to rock a social media platform. Seriously, you have to see the photos people post to their facebook page! They also take this event to other countries and those parties are even bigger than the one  we helped with! And this is the other thing, their community is ENORMOUS. So many wizard obsessed peeps out there, just dressing up and getting their Hogwarts on. These events are so engaging and immersive and the attention to detail the team at Viral Ventures manages to achieve with their event experiences is truly inspiring.
Wizards Brunch Mood Board
Our original Inspiration Board for The Wizards Brunch
And guess what else? They are returning to Melbourne in October to create a Halloween version!!! It’s going to be amazing.


Wingardium Leviosa!
Our ceiling installation consisted of:
  • 96 x Birdcages
  • 150 x Strings of envelopes with 10 custom printed envelopes per string
  • 800 x Battery operated taper candles
  • 1 x Spectacular ghost sculpture (Mildred) crafted by Tom Ripon
We also provided for the enjoyment of the guests:
  • 1 x interactive photo wall of famous Wizards
  • 1 x Interactive ‘Have you seen this Wizard?’ frame (pics below)
  • 2 x Patronus inspired gobo projections (YES we did!) A stag and a horse.
Here are a couple of our fav Insta posts:

The Atmosphere

Have You seen This Wizard?
Toby’s pic really sums it up. Top work @tobygall #thewizardsbrunch
Thank you so much to Cameron Mugford from Audio Visual Dynamics and Tiny and Robyn from Showtech Australia for having their #wandsattheready helping us bring this activation to life. We simply can’t achieve these spectacular results without the assistance and expertise of event industry specialists like these. Particularly ones who know and work in these venues regularly. With their help, we can bring these big ideas to life and make them even better than we imagined.

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