Top 3 event themes of 2018

In December last year I submitted an article which was published in Spice News, I know,  a bit fancy right? It covered the Top 3 event themes for 2018. The process of writing this article got me seriously inspired about our work at JAK and the ideas we had created and the wonderful events we have produced. It’s not often we take the time to gather our thoughts in that way to reflect and assess. And perhaps we should! All to often we are looking ahead to the next thing that needs our attention as opposed celebrating our achievements.

To read the Spice Article, which is a superbly edited version and quite frankly makes me seem very knowledgable,  visit this link.  For the the Directors Cut, read on!

2018 in reflection saw a really interesting fusion of clients embracing the emerging trends of the year as well revisiting some classics. Designing for trending looks is wonderful because it gives us a chance to dive into all the new furniture and linen our suppliers have brought out. Designing the classics, gives us a chance to reimagine what has been done before with more experience and new technology.

Here are the 3 themes that really stood out for us.


Jewel Tones is a phrase we hear about almost like a buzz word, but what does it mean and what to do theses tones look like? Jewel tones are vivid, so they work best with other bold colours. It’s all about bringing all these rich colours together and creating a super luxurious environment.

Ruby Red – Bold and traditional

Sapphire blue – Cool, rich and soothing

Amethyst Purple – Associated with the colour purple. Its range is large ranging from deep purple to raspberry.

Amber or Yellow Topaz – Smoky brown and golden tones

Emerald Green – Playful, mysterious and elegant.

For more Jewel tone inspiration check out the Jewel Tone Pinterest Board

Palette of classic jewel tones

A lot of Jewel Tones work perfectly with perfectly with corporate and event brands. For these events it is all about finding the right, vase, couch, napkin or chair and teaming it with some amazing graphics/artwork, flowers and greenery. Lighting the tones correctly is essential to get all you can out of the depth of these colours for maximum WOW factor.

stewiedonn hr clubmelbourneawards-2018-21
Jewel tones at the Club Melbourne Awards. Amazing photos by Stewie Donn

stewiedonn hr clubmelbourneawards-2018-5


What’s not to love? Metallic finishes, lighting technology, stars and sparkle? Once you get your mind racing there are SO many more options than you could ever have imagined… Deep space, May The 4th Be With You (Star Wars), Moon Safari, A Night Under The Stars, Tron, Future.

Technology is important to many brands and finding a fun way to do this in an event ‘space’ is really important. Have fun with your AV company and let them run wild. Create spectacular entertainment experiences and build immersive worlds. Project, suspend and reflect!!!

Looking for more #jakspiration ? Visit our Space Board on Pinterest!



This classic was gladly revisited this year more than once, just as with Space/Future this theme has many possibilities for interpretation. From ballrooms to intimate dinners it can be both dramatic, sensory, theatrical and sophisticated. Again, lighting and technology are our friends with this one, as are linen and flowers.

We drew inspiration for one event from sea foam and the Fibonacci Sequence and another from bubbles and jelly fish. One was very intimate and detailed and the other was vaulted and vast. Their purposes were very different as were the demographics for each event. For these reasons the rationale and design process needs to be thoughtful and tailored to meet the needs of the event and the guests experience. The wonderful outcome of this process is the discovery of new ideas and approaches which in turn add more value and solutions to new design challenges in the future.

For more wild sea imaginings, visit our ‘Under the Sea’ Pinterest Board

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