Winter Trends – Pt 3 Rich Sophistication

The ‘Luxe’ one for the Winter. So dreamy, dark, moody and dramatic. Here we focus on depth of colour and making sure you have more than one in your bag of tricks! Textures are prized in the way of velvety fabrics, tufted finishes and textures, particularly for wall finishes like panelling and mouldings. It’s essential to include some neutral tones to temper the palette. Blacks, greys and even navys are perfect for this, but I love a splash of gold too for a lift.

blue wall

Check out this weeks Pinterest Board for Rich Sophistication inspiration.

Jewel Tones is a phrase we’ve been hearing about and seeing a LOT. Our Jewel Tone colour palette is right at home in the Rich Sophistication trend. In fact, it pretty much reigns over the Rich Sophistication trend. Jewel tones are vivid, so they work best with other bold colours. It’s all about bringing all these rich colours together and creating a super luxurious environment.

Super luxe, rich flowers embracing jewel tones
Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. Jewel tone perfection.


Jewel tone palette stripe

Home and Decoration wrote a great article which dives a little deeper into the specific hues.

Here is my version:

ruby-2Ruby Red – Bold and traditional. The most famed and fabled red gem stone. The colour most associated with passion. And Santa with his gold gilt sleigh! Think rich velvet drapes or the robes of royalty. A burst of deep red roses to a table setting or an intriguing light filled entrance

marie antoinette
Marie Antoinette’s apartments, Versailles Palace, France


Sapphire blue – Cool, rich and soothing, sapphire blue adds a sophisticated touch to any space. Sapphire could be the colour of the eyes of a Princess and her matching jewels or the depths of a reef when sunlight hits the water. A stunning upholstered chair or carpet runner in this colour can be a game changer to any room

Zuster Furniture
Zuster Furniture



Amethyst Purple – Amethyst is the gem that’s most commonly associated with the colour purple. Its range is large ranging from deep purple to raspberry so there is lots of room to play. Try a raspberry table cloth with a deep purple napkin and see how you feel. Odds are you’ll feel damn good 🙂

I know! The cloth is navy. It’s still great! Imagine if the navy was raspberry though…


raspberry purple
Raspberry and purple in interiors 🙂



Amber or Yellow Topaz – The smoky brown and golden tones of Amber are associated with the earth and harvest. Prized for its warmth and the way it catches the light. Wonderful as a feature glass or vase, throw cushion or chandelier detail. A secondary feature and the perfect way the lighten the weight of the heavier jewel tones.

amber glass light
Amber glass makes amber light. So beautiful.


Emerald Green – Playful, mysterious and elegant. Imagine a floor length ball gown or the velvet cloak of a pagan priestess. The depths of the forest or the incredible walls of a traditional banqueting room. Ground it with black and white furnishings and a few traditional touches—a hit of chintz, a stately bust. Please invite me to whatever you do with this colour.

No words…

The effect of these colours is intoxicating. When designed boldly, these are the kinds of spaces you can truly lose yourself in or imagine you’re someone else entirely. That’s what makes this look perfect for events. This is the kind of impact you want your guests to feel from a designed space.

Furniture is King – as are the ‘things’ that go with them, like side tables and lamps and plush soft furnishings. Zuster Furniture and Jackalope Hotel (new bucket list item) on the Mornington Peninsula are great examples of this trend. Check them out for inspiration.

jackalope blue
Jackalope Hotel

Danish brand Ferm Living’s Autumn Winter 2017 Collection, simply titled The Home features spectacular jewel tones in their range of ottomans.

Ferm Living

Wayfair’s resident Style Advisor speaks here about key Winter trends for 2017. Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill discusses colour drama, moody velvet furniture and inky paint work. Integrating the eclectic and embracing the peacock. All of which we love!


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