Winter Trends – Pt 1 Timber/Wood

We are right in you now Winter!

Our friends at Complete Function Hire recently asked us to share our thoughts on Winter Trends. Article here.

Turns out I enjoyed it SO  much that I decided upon creating an extended version of our Winter Trends right here!

Each week we will feature a prediction from our Winter Top 5. I hope they inspire you too!

Winter is a great time to get creative especially at JAK Creative. In Winter, we get to spend time rugged up at our desks (in our colour coordinated Ugg Boots and fingerless gloves) trawling the world for inspiration. This year there has been some wonderful trends coming through that you’ll be able to see in our work later in the year. There are also trends that we are dying to embrace, just waiting for the perfect creative briefs to unleash them on!

Over the past few of months there has been an influx of inspiration from overseas.  The world of Design and Interiors has been busy with loads of international fairs and showcases and we recently had Denfair right here in Melbourne as well as Gift Fair which is always a great insight for what we can expect to see in the land of retail over the next year.

There are some real stand out trends which will effortlessly translate into super stylish event spaces. Some of them make great hybrids too. Most of them will transition right through into the new year and beyond. I also expect to see some of these looks emerging through Spring Racing Carnival 2017.


Let’s get something straight right off the bat. Is it wood? Or is it timber?

For me it’s both. Here is a quick definition in case you needed clarification like me 🙂

The term ‘wood’ is used to refer to the trees, specifically it refers to the substance that trees are made out of. Wood is the hard, fibrous structural tissue that is commonly found in the stems and roots of the trees. It is a natural composite of cellulose fibers.

Timber, on the other hand, can be used to refer to any stage of the wood after the tree has been cut down. This may include the felled tree, the wood processed for construction, wood pulp for paper production, etc. Timber is also known as lumber.

In addition to the above mentioned, the term ‘wood’ is also used to refer to other plant materials that are similar in nature to the ‘hard, fibrous structural tissue.’ It may also refer to materials that are engineered or created from wood, wood chips or fiber. This may include ‘wooden furniture,’ ‘wooden houses,’ ‘wooden toys,’ etc.

Wood is being appreciated in every which way right now. Stacked, cut, joined or moulded. Rings exposed or grains exposed. Raw or polished. High-End design or timeless Scandi style are all perfectly acceptable ways to get involved in the fan club.


Its appeal can be attributed to the texture, grain and knotting.  Depending on the variety and age of the tree, all these attributes make for a compelling interior. Wood is a product that combines inspiration, beauty and organic interest. Wood creates living spaces infused with beauty, warmth and comfort. Wood is incredibly versatile and adaptable,  from large scale structures to small design details, it’s appeal is timeless.


This Pinterest board is full of inspirational images of wood and the beautiful ways it is used. Retail design is leading the way in its creative approach to wood design. Aesop in particular, is masterful with its love of this material.

e7a45b60e576d09cb56955c53de2a41cThe renewed focus on wood could partially be attributed to the influence of our Danish friends and their Hygge philosophy. The Danes are considered the happiest folk on Earth. So much so that everyone is asking what they are doing differently? Danish winters are long and dark, and so the Danes fight the darkness with their best weapon: hygge the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) translates roughly to ‘cosiness’. Timber and wood is a big part of Danish lifestyle and interior style.

VPELA_Vikings - CP
Add fire or candle light for the nights.
Add botanic touches and organic details for day time.
Raw linens and fur throws add texture, softness and neutral tones to keep it feeling classic.



Bold colours and graphics bring it into the now.

Visit our Timber/Wood Pinterest page here for more inspiration!


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