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Sometimes  you run out of time. Sometimes you get too busy to do the things you want to. Sometimes you need to be unapologetic and say “I don’t’ care that this happened last year.  I’m going to finish this article and publish it because I love it and I want to share it with others!”.

This story is proof that inspiration doesn’t fade (well it doesn’t for me). Additionally it will serve as a ‘watch this space’ for Frank Wild for 2017. If you don’t know them yet, make sure you get on board because they are sure to have some incredible things in store for us this year.

Zowie and Marky, sorry for harassing you for photos and info last year and not posting this blog (#shame). I owe you some champers. XXX

2016 MSFW Ballarat Regional Extension

Frank Wild, one of the Australia’s leading production agencies was behind the creative vision and show production for the 2016 MSFW Ballarat Regional Extension. This was a bold and dynamic project and the first of its kind ever for MSFW! Frank Wild is a Melbourne based sustainably and culturally focused creative event agency that has a passion for the arts, fashion, design and local communities.  Frank Wild is also good mates with JAK Creative. We totally heart these guys and if you are lucky enough to have met them you’ll know exactly why.

JAK Creative had been following the story of this Fashion Show since we spotted a very cool and intriguing video on the Frank Wild Instagram Page. The image was a stunning model seated on and armchair in a drizzly, rustic paddock surrounded by super gorgeous brown and white spotted sheep.

Check the Insta video here captioned: Behind the scenes for Ballarat Fashion Series campaign shoot with the gorgeous Mad from @maverickmodels #msfwballarat. Hair and Make-Up by @bernfis, styling by the amazing  @becstylin, photographer by @karla_majnaric_photography

We were hooked, and the images posted continued to captivate and we learned more about the Ballarat Fashion Series. When your friends are doing cool stuff, you naturally want to support them, AND you want to be a part of the cool stuff too. You can imagine our delight when the fabulous Zowie from Frank Wild offered us tickets to the show. Champagne and front row seats! Soooooooo chuffed.

There have been some great articles written about this show, but they were more focused on talking about the clothes, how well produced the show was and name dropping all the incredible designers that were involved (see excellent name-droppy list below). For us though, the heroes were the lights, the art, the concept and venue because it’s these details that brought the fashion to life and told the story of the event.

Pairing the historic with contemporary, Frank Wild took inspiration from one of the Western Districts great contributions, Wool (#lovingit). Using the relationship between the western districts wool production and world fashion as a base, they created a truly magical event. They also chose the Ballarat Mining Exchange as the perfect venue which was both historical and able to accommodate popups for local artisans and businesses which was incredibly engaging and inclusive. Check it out.


Ara Dolatian, the artist was engaged to design a wool installation for the show and has exhibited his similar NOMAD project in iconic galleries throughout Australia (#supercool). Ara’s installation was a focal point like rays of light coming centrally from the stage.

The Frank Wild crew then created an incredible backdrop for the show by stitching together bags from wool bales specific to the local farms and wool producers. The idea was inspired, simple, clever, connected and looked incredible with lighting.

The venue chosen, the Ballarat Mining Exchange was perfect for the show. Steeped in history with incredible architecture. Founded the late 1880s, the Ballarat Mining Exchange was originally used for trading of shares during the Gold Rush era.



Production – Frank Wild

Stylist – Bec Cole @becstylin www.cocoproductions.com.au

Photographer – Caitlin O’Grady @caitlinogradyphotography www.caitlinogrady.com

Feature image by Caitlin O’Grady – Akira @akiraisogawa www.akira.com.au

Links of articles relating to BMW Ballarat Fashion Series Runway #MSFWBallarat


The full line-up (name-droppy list) for BMW Ballarat Fashion Series is as follows:

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