How to Breakthrough Design Barriers – Winter Inspiration for creating new ideas

Break through your design barriers using JAK’s Mash Ups. Read up on creating new ideas and energising classic ideas to create better events.

Imagine an animation ice skater creating a deco pattern on a screen or digital invitation? Or snowflakes morphing into chandelier crystals? What do the windows of a grand ballroom glowing in the cold night as you arrive look like?

Let’s start by exploring a classic Winter look (Winter Wonderland) and adding some Deco glamour for warmth and luxury. This is the perfect solution for a gala event that needs a touch of winter sparkle. Think about ‘Champagne and Snowflakes’,  ‘Gold Gilding and Candle Light’ or ‘Crystals and Icicles’ and you start to get the feel of it. There are so many ways to create glittering lounges, feature bars and entrances. The only limit is your imagination and ours!

We have curated a Pinterest Board named Champagne and Snowflakes to get the ideas sparking for you. It will give you a sense of how we begin to explore, develop and create new ideas to create better events.

In our last article ‘How to Drink in the Cold’, we explored taking our Nautical theme and warming it up by introducing a bit of a Lux Whisky Bar feel or a Medieval Tavern experience as a ‘Mash Up’ of two theme ideas.

The idea behind ’Mash Ups’ is to take two really great theme ideas and extract the best parts of both to make a completely new version of one theme or the other. This works incredibly well with our Signature Styles Collection and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it as inspiration for new ideas.

Eventbrite recently re-published a fantastic article about the trend of ‘Hybridistation’. It’s a really cool article about how Australian’s are fueling the new experience economy and we highly recommend giving it a read for some great inspiration.

The examples in the Eventbrite article show the success of approaching events with a ‘Hybridisation’ focus on a large-scale. There are parallels here with the ideas we have been playing around with to make Winter events more fun with our ‘Mash ups’.

Taking a ‘Mash Up’ approach to event designing is particularly useful for breaking down the creative walls that can be holding you back when focusing on having just one theme or idea.

Have fun with it and explore more possibilities. Change the percentages of which theme is dominant and which one brings the accent. Remember, a 50/50 split will rarely work. You need to have one primary element and one accent element to make the most of a ‘Mash Up’.

Next time you are stuck between two ideas, get creative, get inspired! Get inspired and get Mashing!

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