Winter JAKspiration – How to Drink in the Cold

A party is the best way to warm up. Good food, good drinks, good music and good company.

Winter’s here and it got us thinking… what kinds of event spaces would we like to be drinking in this winter? We were also thinking about which of our Signature Styles would best best suited for some winter inspiration.

Solution #1 – NAUTICAL!

  • Think whisky and rum and warm winter cocktails.
  • Think harbor side taverns and sea port towns.
  • Think oak barrels for tables and flagstone floors.
  • Think cosy lantern lighting and Tudor style stained glass.
  • Think tankards and feasting.

To help you along we’ve included the Captain Pugwash theme song and JAK Creative’s ‘Hot Tips for Drinking in the Cold’

Kerryn Recommends:

Not allowing the cold to impede your drinking preferences. Stylish warm gloves add a sense of sophistication and will allow you to comfortably hold onto any cold beverages. The Pinterest link included below has wonderful inspiration for ensuring you look completely fabulous while drinking this winter.

Jane recommends:

Mulled wine. It’s warm, it’s spiced and it tastes like a big warm hug. Head to the BitchinKitchen for their epic, yet traditionally German interpretation. Warning: it goes down easily, so try to make sure you have nothing important to do after downing a few. Apart from engaging in witty repartee and hitting the D Floor.

Linden recommends:

Hot Toddy. Not only is a Hot Toddy delicious. It’s also heals you when winter steals your sunshine! The Vinepair wrote a magnificent article named ‘Your drunk Aunt was right: The Hot Toddy is the cure to the common cold.’ They clearly did some ‘science’ on the topic.  It also comes with an excellent recipe. You are welcome.

Click through to our Pinterest Inspiration Board for How to Drink in the Cold party inspiration.

Event ideas for things to do while drinking in the cold:


Enjoy a rustic styled tavern feast. Loads of fresh crusty bread, cheese and meats displayed on timber boards and box risers. The right caterer to achieve your vision for this is key.

Peel off to the Captain’s Quarters for a spot of whisky tasting. Special feature activities allow you to expand on your original idea and create unexpected experiences. Whisky and whisky tasting is trending currently. Imagine a break out space as part of your event with the opulence of the Captain’s quarters with high end whisky tasting.

Dance a jig to a raucous accordion player. Themed entertainment can really set the tone for an event. Remember, it doesn’t have to go all night. You can have them perform as guests arrive and then as a feature performance throughout the night.

Embark on a treasure hunt. Another opportunity for a special activity. whisky tasting is not for everyone, so providing other interesting experiences creates a more well rounded event.

To explore our other Signature Styles, head to our Signature Styles web page to learn more about the collection. Also, if you contact us via our enquiries page with a request for for the Collection, we will send you the entire Signature Style Collection pdf’s for your files and future inspiration. Amazing!

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