Support Act


MEA National Conference – 2015 National Awards Dinner @ MCEC, Melbourne

JAK Creative & Events were one of the proud sponsors for the MEA National Conference this year.

Unlike the previous evening’s installation at Long Room, JAK were not required to ‘Make An Entrance’, rather, our job was to be a ‘Support Act’.

Design for events is all about understanding each element of the big picture. These centrepiece designs were all about allowing the big, punchy features to take centre stage and ensuring the details of our creative gave continuity to the event overall.

We used several key components and mixed them up to create three different combinations, creating both table scapes and centrepieces.

We chose angular metallics for shine. Bold, masculine flower heads for interesting architecture. Clean and clear votives for illumination.  And mirror for reflection.

The colour palette of warm, earthy terracottas and golds had each design blend and feel really at home with the tones of the room and lighting.  The metallic and mirror created reflections to make the combinations more dimensional, and the glow of the candle light subtly gave shape to the architectural details.

To be a ‘Support Act’ to the big picture, all of these things require careful consideration. The outcome we look for in this scenario is to simply create a mood or feeling. Something almost undetectable that still makes you feel special when you’re close to it. An extension of the room onto the table.

Click here for more photographs of our Gala centrepiece designs. The stunning floral additions were created by our good friends at Style By Nature.

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