How to ‘Make An Entrance’



MEA National Conference – Casual Evening @ Long Room, Collins Street Melbourne.

JAK Creative & Events were one of the proud sponsors for the MEA National Conference this year.

We don’t sponsor events very often, and we very carefully consider these requests before committing to them, ensuring that when we do say ‘YES’ all parties get maximum benefit. We limit ourselves to one sponsorship per year and really pour ourselves into it!

For this event, it was all about Making An Entrance (literally)! With a great sponsorship brief great things can happen. MEA really allowed us to do things our way and showcase what we do best. This meant that essentially the only boundaries we had were the restrictions of the building itself and our own JAK Creative imagination.

There are a couple of reasons why sponsoring things is really great, especially with an industry focused event:

  1. Collaborative creativity with other incredible suppliers. For this design we were lucky enough to be able to call on the resources and expertise of Scene Change to assist us in lighting our design and Staging Rentals to provide the theatre flats for our graffiti panels.
  2. Doing it your way. For this installation we got to explore some new ideas around brand impact and add those little touches that might not always make it over the line in a regular client scenario. It’s our money this time! So we got to indulge ourselves.

In the spirit of indulging ourselves, we decided to splash out on some premium items. When ‘Making An Entrance’ AND representing a brand it’s really important to choose suppliers who also represent the values of that brand.

From Allegro  we engaged an incredible graffiti artist for the activation aspect, and some beautiful printing from Q Signs to have our graphic design really pop. The artist was really the key here. We wanted to find a way to present our entire brand as an experience and also include our logo in a clever way so people would know who the sponsor was!

Solution. An activation where the focus of the activity displayed the logo we wanted recognised… Put our branded high vis on the artist!

Click here for more photographs of our Entrance Activation.


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